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Financial Arrangements and Assistance

Death can sometimes occur suddenly or when finances are strained.

At Willetts Funeral Services it is important to us that we meet the needs of our client families. Part of this involves ensuring that the costs associated with the funeral fall within the budget of the family.  

The two most common grants available to families are the Work and Income (WINZ) funeral grant and the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC). We can assist you in applying for either of these grants where appropriate.


WINZ Funeral Grantwinz-logo.gif

Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) have a WINZ Funeral Grant that may be available to those who cannot pay the full cost of a funeral. The grant is asset tested and payable, at present, to a maximum of $1971.37* to help towards the funeral costs. We can assist you on how to apply for this grant.

ACC Funeral Grantacc-logo.gif

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) have an ACC Funeral Grant of $5930.38* for deaths occurring as a result of an accident or medical misadventure. Family members such as dependants may also be eligible for survivor’s grants.

You cannot claim a funeral grant from both WINZ and ACC.

* Please note, amounts subject to change